Skincare Workshop


Interested in making natural skincare products that are chemical-paraben-preservative-free, sustainable, ethically sourced,  and made by YOU?

I will share with you everything I know about making simple and effective natural skincare products and self-care rituals for yourself. You will gain the confidence to create your very own blends!  You can choose from the list everything that you’d like to make.  By learning the basic steps, you will be so inspired to experiment and make these products your own.

The workshop will include all natural organic ingredients, materials and a take home booklet of recipes & step by step instructions so you can make it all at home, anytime you’d like!

  • Lotions & Body Butters ~ Choose which butters, oils, floral water & essential oils to put into your blends.
  • Serums ~ Learn about all the different luxurious oils you can blend to make the best beauty potion for yourself.
  • Natural Deodorant ~ Use natural ingredients to create a chemical & aluminum-free deodorant that will keep you smelling sweet all day.
  • Lip Balm ~ Once you learn to make your own lip balms, you will never buy one at the drugstore ever again. With only 3 ingredients that you may already have in your home, you can make the easiest, most delicious, all natural lip balm EVER!
  • Healing Salves ~ Do you or any of your loved ones suffer from skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea?  Learn about different herbal & floral infusions that are super soothing and healing for the skin.
  • Floral Water ~ Use flower essences as a refreshing spray, toner or to add in your handcrafted lotions.
  • Clay Masks & Cleansers ~ Welcome to the world of clay and all its wonders.  You will learn to make luxurious clay masks that are rejuvenating and hydrating as well as an everyday Floral Clay Cleanser that you can use every night before bed to remove dirt and toxins that are deep in your pores.

Is this something you’re interested in?  Let’s set up a one-on-one tutorial or a workshop with your friends.  Feel free to message me about making it happen!