Edane Padme


To understand the subtleties of life ~ Edane delved into the studies of mythology, philosophy, traditional healing, astrology and fairytales. In her studies, Edane has learned that movement is the language of freedom. Her wish is to share her practice of Restorative Therapy, QiGong, Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.


Edane’s greatest passion is guiding others to feel comfortable in their bodies, in their own skin. We are all made different, but in the core of our being, we are infinitely the same. Her current projects include ‘Love Yourself First’ Day Retreats, New & Full Moon Gatherings, Tea Ceremonies and blending herbs & potions for her all natural skincare line, ‘Bohemia Babe‘.


Since her stay on Asteroid B612, she’s done nothing but drink tea, dry flowers and Instagram her tea and dried flowers. She is also the facilitator and founder of Padme Kids Yoga.